Easy Ways to Make Money with SEO

Easy Ways to Make Money with SEO

If you want to make money with SEO in Toronto, you can take on clients or work as a freelance consultant. This will give you control over the amount of money you earn, and you can charge as much as you want. However, SEO is a very profitable career option if you don’t want to work for clients. If you’re good at it, you can charge as much as possible. This article will look at the different ways to earn money with SEO.

Affiliate marketing:

Writing product reviews is a great way to get more traffic and profit with affiliate marketing. Consumers looking for the best TVs are likely to close to making a purchase, so you can expect aggressive affiliate marketing to reach them. Write optimized reviews of the products you’re promoting. For example, if you write a product review about running shoes, you’ll be found by almost 1,500 people each month. When people see your review, they’ll likely click on the affiliate link, and you’ll earn a commission.

Selling courses:

There are many benefits to selling courses, and you don’t need a huge marketing budget to succeed. For one thing, SEO is free marketing, which is ideal for long-term success. Moreover, it tends to bring relevant traffic to your website. As such, you can sell online courses relevant to your audience. To sell online courses, you first need to build an email list of people interested in the topics you’ll be covering in your courses.

The basic SEO techniques have not changed much since the earliest days of online marketing and are still effective. The first step is to create relevant, useful content. In the past, high-volume content was a must. Now, quality content is a must. You can do this by using Google’s search feature and typing in various variations of keywords, and seeing which results are most relevant to your course topic.


There are many ways to make money with SEO using AdWords, but it’s important to remember that Google is in the business of making money, not helping you. That means there are some default settings you should know about. These include the default bid, the maximum number of clicks per day, and the maximum amount of CPC you can pay for each ad. It would help if you also tried to maximize your Quality Score, as Google has a way of ensuring that your ads improve the experience for customers. Low-quality ads don’t get clicks, and you lose out on the CPC payment.